2016-03-20 20.10.26

2016-01-25 14.34.322015-10-24 17.08.052015-10-24 17.06.04This are Pictures are the effect of Distant Wappens

In Zuerich happend , til 5 Jears I am hurt from Psychotronic Wappon .
What happend with a Person that is a Victim of this effect you can see on the links , Effect is terrible . The thinking is full of sugestion with wrong Information , Example : Psychotromic is a invention DR. Mengele ( Doctor of Consentration Camp. ) Links to Tortured Victims:
Surface wave of unknown kind ,component of matching the wave to mecanical work ,precision about 0.5 Milimeter .
In aglomeration the Power is strong ,areas without sight of invrastructure the effect is zero

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Possibility of the Effect:
Heating, Thermoacoustic Cooling , Influence of nervs, Crush of Material .
 What to do as Victim :
Release all videos photos of the case .
Protect your skin ,with a mixture of  watherresist Suncream Aluminiumhydoxyde,Rexona MOTION SENSE for example, and lotion your Skin all Day.
Tin foil with grounding on your  bed , cap with tin foil .